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squib n : firework consisting of a tube filled with powder (as a broken firecracker) that burns with a fizzing noise [also: squibbing, squibbed]

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Possibly imitative of a small explosion. (if you pronounce the 'q' somewhat heavily, almost more like a 'k').



  1. A small firework that burns with a fizzing noise.
  2. A similar device used to ignite a rocket etc.
  3. (Film special effects) A small explosive used to replicate a bullet hitting a surface.
  4. A short piece of witty writing; a lampoon.
  5. In a legal casebook, a short summary of a case placed between more fully cited cases.
  6. An unimportant, paltry, or mean-spirited person.

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In the Harry Potter series, author J. K. Rowling uses squib to mean a child of someone magical who doesn’t have magical powers.


small firework
device used to ignite a rocket
short piece of witty writing
short summary of a case
unimportant, paltry, or mean-spirited person
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  1. To make a sound such as a small explosion.
    • A Snider squibbed in the jungle.


make a sound such as a small explosion
  • Dutch: ploffen

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Atticism, agile wit, black humor, blasting cap, burlesque, cap, caricature, comedy, detonating powder, detonator, dry wit, electric detonator, esprit, exploder, farce, fulminating mercury, fuse, hatchet job, humor, imitation, irony, lampoon, malicious parody, mercury fulminate, mockery, nimble wit, parody, pasquil, pasquin, pasquinade, pastiche, percussion cap, pleasantry, poison pen, pretty wit, primacord, primer, priming, quick wit, ready wit, salt, sarcasm, satire, savor of wit, slapstick, slapstick humor, subtle wit, takeoff, travesty, visual humor, wicked imitation, wit
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